Procella P10/P15 Clones?

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It has been a while since I last posted on here, during which time I have finally boxed up my Audio Drive 12" drivers into BK Monolith (passive) cabinets and currently running a BK XLS200.

However due to living room constraints I would like to try and achieve a 'slim' subwoofer that would be somewhere between the Procella P10 and P15, i.e. using a pair of 12" active drivers. I have initially thought, ahh 2 x XXLS 12", but I don't think that will work too well. Maybe 1 active and a PR?

Looking at using a BL BSBPV500 amplifier to drive it/them.


Procella Audio Subwoofers
Procella P10:
Dual long-throw 10” drivers with 65mm voice coils in 36 litre sealed box (-3 dB@26 Hz)
HxWxD/18.5” x 26.8” x 7.1”/470 x 680 x 180 mm
external = 2 cubic feet/= 57 liters
: ~18 L each driver

Procella P15:
Dual long-throw 15” drivers with Neodymium magnets and 75mm voice coils in 75 litre sealed box (-3 dB@22 Hz)
HxWxD/22.4” x 36.6” x 8.7”/570 x 930 x 220 mm
external = 4.12 cubic feet/= 117 liters
: ~37.5 L each driver
SB Acoustics SW26DAC76-4 vs. Scanspeak 23W/4557T00

A similar design but smaller in diameter is

3. Scanspeak 23W/4557T00 SubWoofer 10"
23W/4557T00 - Scan-Speak 10 inch woofer long throw aluminium cone - Europe Audio
Scanspeak 23W/4557T00 SubWoofer - Revelator

Both have (SB Acoustics SW26DAC76-4 and SS 23W/4557T00) QTC = 0.707@Vb = 39.5 L.
The smaller heavier Scanspeak has [Sd]232 cm² vs. [Sd]312 cm² for the SB Acoustics. Max. level (dB) it's lower for the Scanspeak but it goes lower also (F3). Excursion maximized for the Scanspeak with Xmax ±13 mm (Mech. ±20 mm) and for the SB Acoustics is Xmax ±12 mm.

For the 12" Tang Band WQ-1858 QTC = 0.707 is reached with enclosure volume Vb = 86.5 L (1xdriver).

You can make a super sub with the passive of the SS and F3< ±20Hz for 55 L volume (Max.SPL 1.00 m/105.6 dB).
Scan-Speak 23W/0-00-00 'Revelator'
Scan-Speak 23W/0-00-00 'Revelator' pdf


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I've moved house and am looking at the subwoofers again. I have spent some time at work recently using Triad speakers and quite like the look of the Bronze SlimSub in its many forms. 4" deep using a version of the SB SW26DAC76 driver should work very well in my living room for being tidy too.

I'm thinking effectively 4 of the OnWall model (albeit with square corners for easier manufacture and without the metal back plate) driven by a good QSC power amp in my AV rack. 2 on the front wall and 2 on the back. Should be a good cinema.
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