Problems with amplifier MX50 SE

I bought two plates of this amplifier (ebay chine)
I've ridden and I've fed AC35+35 (DC50+50)
I have been burned when ignition resistance.
Turn repidamente.

I have not tried the other channel because I have fear of burning.

As I can find the problem.
Thank you.


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The resistor is probably R25 (closest to R23 and the PNP driver). The OP may be having a similar problem with the schematic as anyone else trying to follow it. It is bogus - I'd say intentionally, to foil copyists, as it specifies darlington drivers but the fitted transistors are apparently the Chinese versions of 2SD669/2SB649. Further, the part numbers are not reproduced on the overlay. There likely will be more errors to ensure failures if building from scratch using that version of the schematic.
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I've installed everything and have already exploited the two channels of amplification.
I've ridden with NE5532 preamp.
Have coupled the midpoints of the two transformers at the output of toroidal coils.
First you burn an amplifier and then the other amplifier.
Before turning to audio cocnector touch several times to prove that it worked, and then burned.
The preamp volume was the maximum.
The toroid is in AC-DC-35 +35 50 +50.
The smaller toroidal AC-12 +12

That problem could happen?
Problems before the amplifier output directly to the PC and sounded good. Warmed much heat sinks but not burned. (Only burn the filter upside down :))


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