Problems in Measuring 200mV in audio range (AC)

I sat down the other day to do some Thiele-Small tests and discovered that my multimeter would not settle down to zero in the 200mV range. At first I put it down to an instrument fault.

I later discovered that I was using the multimeter very near the computer and that my DMM registers 4-24mV neary any power source!

Is it a general phenomenon or is there anything wrong with my DMM?

Please respond.
Cheap Meter Hunting

Hello r_s_dhar,
Modern DMM's have very high impedence input, and are therefore prone to EM noise pickup.
Minimising the loop area of your meter leads will help to reduce this, and loading (50Kohm) the meter inputs will reduce noise pick up.
Cheap meters will hunt even with the inputs shorted, and good meters such as Fluke are much more immune.

Regards, Eric.