Problem with Panasonic CQ-C5300N Car Radio


2006-07-05 6:16 pm
Hello, before I tell you the problem, I will say, that my english is not so good and sometimes I have the problem that the english verbs are missing.

OK now the problem:

I have a Car Radio from Panasonic CQ-C5300N and there was an IC defect. It was an TDA 7560 IC for the boxes output. I replaced it. Every 10 minutes the radio turn off himself. And I don´t know why. There is nothing hot or something else.

Is there something that I must reset or something like that? :confused:

I am a little bit confused. Please when you answer, keep it easy, because my english understanding is not so good. I am from germany.

Thank you
Regards Jörg


2007-11-08 2:14 am
Do you have it on a bench, or are sure it is not wired wrong or shorted? I mean sure it is something inside the deck?

I am not familiar with protection circuits in those. I guess I would check power voltage first, and power to the IC to see if it is correct. Maybe something from or to the IC is bad, just a guess?


2006-07-05 6:16 pm
Hello, I didn´t find the mistake in the radio. I put out the TDA but the mistake is the same. After 10 minutes the radio turn off with the massage "see you". I am really angry about the massage :mad:
In german we say not every time you can win ;) So I will sell it by ebay and perhaps somebody will find the mistake or what else.

Or is here anybody who works with panasonic eqiupment and has got an idea?

Wish everyone an good sunday.

Regards jörg