Problem with Marantz CD63 - Need help

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Hi guys,

A friend sent over to my place a faulty Marantz CD63SE last night. This cdp have a problem with reading the TOC and tracking.

When you load a CD in, it would spin in the right direction for about 0.5 seconds. Then, it would spin the wrong direction for about 2-3 seconds before coming to a halt.

Sometime it would spin in the right direction, read the TOC and then refuse to track.

I have changed the lens to a new one but the problem persist.

Do you think this could be a circuitry problem? A faulty capacitor maybe?

Appreciate your help. Thanks
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when you say the lens do you mean the laser pick up ?

1) move the laser to the outer edge and turn on unit , make sure laser goes to the home (inner ) position. check sled fro obstruction in movement.

2) spindle hieght is critical the laser will be unable to focus if it is not to spec

3) spindle motor can be bad however this usualy happens with older units

4) most newer unit do not require adjustment of new laser (digital servo) older units required the new pick up to be alligned.

I f it is a bad servo ic or signal processor it is difficult to t/s
Ruach ,

Download the Service manual of the CD63. On page 3 you can actually go to service mode to check if the transport response to the signals from the servo processor.

Here are few checks:

Go to service-mode by pressing at least two of the following keys STOP, PLAY, NEXT or PREV. and then turn the power on, and test if the servo's work o.k.

- the display will say P00. If you press >> or << the laser-sled will move in and out. Press NEXT to go further.

- the display will say P01. Now FOCUS servo (laser) will come on. If you rotate the disc gently by hand this should be audible. If you press NEXT you go further.

- the display will say P02. Now the spindle servo comes on and the disc will rotate clockwise in a regulated manner. Press NEXT.

- the display will say P03. Now the radial servo comes on, and the laser locks to the track.

If one of these steps fail, it's probably a broken drive IC. ...

Good luck,
Spindle truobles

God evening to everybody.
I have the same problem with a Marantz CD63.
If I operate w/o cover I see thet the spindle doesn't rotate.
To rotate I must lift by hand the magneric ring on the fixed support.
So I think it is a height problem.
How can I check for the correct height of the spindle motor?
I have a CD63SE which would not spin the CD. We changed the laser assembly. At first nothing happened. So I put it into service mode and pressed some buttons and it started spinning the disc. But it still does not work except spin the disc for a few seconds. I then noticed that the laser doesn't seem to come on. Can a new optical assembly have a dead laser ? Where can I check if the laser is being provided power ?

Another problem is the flexible suspension on the laser assembly. Looks like they will fail next time we remove the assembly. Where can we get spares ( 4 of them ) or is there any alternative ?

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