problem with crossover


2009-12-24 12:47 pm
i bought a set of really great sounding, second-hand speakers it was made by a company called Tesla from the Czech Republic

now they are 3 way and have 2 3 position switches on them one for high and one for mid tones so that you can tune them to have a bit lower,higher or normal high and mid tones

now the problem that i discovered now is that on one of them the bass sometimes goes away so stops working and when you switch the switches a few time it works again and after a few minutes it stops again etc.

I think it is some mechanical problem that it losses contact on the crossover or is it something more serious?
I'm interested in building/purchasing a 2 way xover. This would be a first 2 way.

I have mounted 2 x 6.25" into 2 mdf enclosure towers and I don't have tweeters picked out. These were the freebee Peerless from 2 Burning Amp ago shows, at 6.25". So a vented port, with 1 tweeter and 1 midwoofer per side. Any recommendation on tweeters/crossovers for these would be appreciated. Thanks Ron