Problem with a Technics SL-D202 turntable

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I just purchased a Technics SL-D202 direct drive turntable for $15 from a guy off of Craigslist. It all works, except for the queue function. There's a small slider on the front, that feels like some kind of potentiometer (no physical connection to anything), which is supposed to lift and lower the tone arm. This doesn't work at all. Although the auto-return function will lift the arm *very* slightly. (like, 1mm or so, doesn't even get the stylus fully off the record)

The tone arm is always in the up position. I can push the thingy that lifts the tone arm down with my finger, and I can use the adjustment screw to essentially disable the lift mechanism... but of course then when I get to the end of the record it scratches the stylus across the whole thing on the way to the end.

I've scoured the web for a freaking manual in pdf, but haven't found squat. Hell, I don't even know how much weight to put on the tone arm.

Does anyone have a service/repair manual? Or experience with the internals? Thanks.

Need manual for old Technics

Okay, so opened it up today. The slider that I thought was a pot? Yeah, the mechanism was just broken and no longer attached. I fixed it and reinforced it with metal, and the arm lift works flawlessly now.

However, now this brings a new problem. The auto-return doesn't work. If I press the Stop button the tone arm will lift properly, move across the record, and land like it is supposed to.... but the arm doesn't do it automatically when it reaches the end of the record. There are two adjustments on the tone arm beneath a little rubber plug, accessable from the top... but I have no instructions, and I'd really like a manual... does *anyone* know where I can find one?


was just playing with an Sl-d202 today.

Found out why it is so highly regarded, without ever playing a record with it.

Something it has in common with the Kenwood KD-500 and KD-600 turntables, which also sound quite nice, all things considered.

No phase lock on the motor speed, that's why.

The phase lock causes temporal jitter. Nice distortion numbers, but temporal jitter in the speed, constantly correcting itself.....

The long term temporal jitter caused by no phase lock on the speed...that is fine, with regard to how the human ear hears. It is much more benign and invisible to the ear.

Thus, the cheaper table is perceived as being sonically excellent... due to a lack of the 'feature' of phase lock.

People might not realize the reasons behind the assessment, but they know what they hear. And that is the why of the assessment. Or at least a good part of it.
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.