Problem: Identify Positive and Negatve Capacitor Leads

Assume you have a number of polarized electrolytic capacitors. Also assume that you have access to the leads of these caps, but you have no markings on the caps to denote which lead is '+' or '-'.

Develop a way to determine which lead is which.

(I was hoping a capacitor tester would work, but it apparently doesn't care about polarity and shows the same reading with test leads connected either way...obviously it sends an AC signal to determine the capacitance)
As a test, I grabbed a 47µf 63V cap of known polarity, and a 600 ohm resistor to ground. I monitored the voltage on the 'far' side of the cap at the '+' side of the resistor, and applied 20V P-P to it. Seemed not to matter which way the cap was oriented...waveform on the 'gnd' side of the cap looked the same either way.
TwoSpoons said:
Purely theoretical,

Theoretical works great!! I just checked a known cap and indeed it leaked like a sieve when installed backwards. Simple... why wasn't it obvious to me?

The only thing I did different was to add a 12V 70mA lamp in series with the supply as a saftey valve.

I haven't checked any of the mystery caps yet, but that's next.

Thank you!