Proac Tablette 2000 crossover?

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Some time ago I bought mentioned speakers , now I'm trying to change some components in crossover .I have searched the web and cannot find anything about inductor values , wonder if somebody has a crossover schematic or measured those inductors?
Another option would be to buy inductance meter , but I am not sure how accurate cheap L-meters are.
Here is schematic without inductance values.
I got myself into trouble , haven't checked polarity of tweeter before and now I'm not sure if was inverted or not . How to find out?
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Look here.
crossovers: the standard proac crossover is 2nd order in the bass, 3 order in the tweeter, with one attenuation resistor as the first component in the tweeter. No L-pads here.

They are in phase...
a little proac info. - ZeroGain Forum
Slav, I was around when the first version of the Tablette came out (late 70s, early 80s)...the original drivers are no longer available, but the newer ones are as good as the old ones. The Scandinavians build quality.

I meant how do you know if tweeter is inverting or not ?
When polarization should be reversed and when shoulnd't , what is a deciding factor?
Sorry but I'm still not getting .
Correct me if I'm wrong , depend on number of caps and inductors used in signal path of the speaker signal is shifted out of phase ie. 2 caps in signal path of woofer shift signal 180 degrees out of phase , lets assume there is no L or C in signal path of the tweeter - do I need to invert phase , but which speaker (woofer)?
Example 2:
2 caps in woofer , 1 in tweeter - 90 degreedifference - what then?
Hi slav - I've just modified my tablette 2000 and I can share some experience. Yes, in the stock configuration the tweeter is inverted relative to the woofer (because of the biwiring option, you can try both ways to see what it sounds like). I replaced the NPE in parallel with the woofer with Axon caps, and I too noticed something odd (less bass, more mid) and I'm puzzled by it. It does make things sound a tad tighter though. Let me know if you have any success with a series resistor.

For tweeter part I've increased the series resistor from 2R2 to 5R0 because Proac tends to lean on the squeaky side of neutral on the top. I may have overdone it a little though so I might try a smaller value later. I've also changed the mylar Expotus caps (3.3 and 4.7) to Obbligato gold, with Vishay 1837 bypass. So far quite good.
HI ms142 , I've been playing with Tablletes for long time , in tweeter I have tried following parts:
-Mundorf MCap+Mills resistors
-Russian K75-10 PIO caps + Mills
- Mundorf Supreme +Mills , now waiting for Duelund resistors
so far last most expensive config. was absolutely best , next Russian PIO.

In woofer I tried combination of 3u3in parallel wit 4u7 - didn't like at all ,
after that I bought some british made caps - bettter but still far from original Proac's sound , I also tried Mundorf MCap(8u) - still far from good , lately used AmpOhm PIO 8u - best result .
Today I soldered back AlCap from original x-over , I will listen for some time and try to decide which way to go .Hopefuly I find something about ESR, I observed exactly same thing after reeplacing woofer cap - less bass +exposed mid
Tweeter stays as is , I just try Duelund resistors.
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