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Proac Future 2 project parts plus more for sale.


2004-04-11 8:49 pm
I'm selling off the following unused components as I move onto other things

New unused Crossover for Proac Future 2, using upgraded M Caps on original board. Sell for £200 the pair.

New, unused Seas Excel W1/CY002 custom drivers (with smaller lighter voice coil - as used by Proac) £150 the pair

New, unused ATD Le Ribbon £120 the pair

I would prefer to sell these as a complete set and will offer them at £450 plus postage.

Also available

New unused

Scanspeak 2904 - 70000 ring radiator (one of the finest HF units available) £300 the pair

JBL 1500 AL Alnico 15' Woofer (as used in the K2-9800) £900 the pair.

Thanks for looking.