pro-ject phonobox se opamp substitution


2010-12-11 7:35 pm
i'd like to mod pro-ject phonobox se - change opamps and caps. using only mc and 100ohm, should i change all four 4580D or only one pair is used at this setting? Would like to use opa2134 as a direct replacement. Or should i forget about this and better build something new? Any suggestions? Thanks a lot.


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Even NE5532 would be much better, than the 4580. For the input stage, you have to keep the BJT opamp. You may try NE5532, but much better choice would be ADA4898-2, but you would need SMD/DIP8 reduction then. For further positions behind input IC you may try NE5532, OPA2134, but again - ADA4898-2 would be the best option.