Pro-ject 1.2 Vs Rega P?

Well right now I have a Dual 607 but I have to get an addapter to use different cartridges. The addapter is $60 dollars. So I don't know if it is wort spending the money for an addapter or if I should just get something else that would be better than the Dual. The reason I ask about the Pro-ject is because there is one for sale on Audiogon for a good price and comes with two cartridges. Even the cheapest P2 I have seen is going for about $100 dollars more. So I was just wondering how it compared to the Rega lower end turntables or if I should just keep the dual and spend the money for an addapter and a cartridge. I just got into vinal about a month ago and bought a good size collection and the Dual table was thrown in for free. So I have no comperison on what table is better than the other. That is why I am asking you guys.
That is true but there is no dealer that carries Pro-ject around me. I do have a dealer that carries Rega and I think they also have one Music Hall on hand. I just wanted to know how good the Pro-jects were. I will probably save up a little more and get a P3. Thanks for the help guys.