Pro audio or Home Theater drivers for 80-350hz in a 3-way design?

Would a pro audio driver “sound” any different than a pro audio driver when using it for the low end of a 3-way main?

In the photo below you’ll se my already built HTM12’s are paired with pa460’s for an already incredibly good sounding 3-way speaker for my front three LCR speakers. The htm’s are a two way (internal xo) 12” monitor capable of down to 60hz …. AND….. I have built a 42hz ported box for each of my three pa460’s, these are XO at 350hz into the HTM’s and on an inuke 1000DSP for each speaker (three 1000DSP amps - LCR). The 18” pa460’s only play from 42 to 350hz (actually 80-350hz) and the HTMs 350hz to 20k.

>>>>>>>> My question revolves around some Dayton 15” rss390HF home theater drivers I have laying around, probably a perfect driver for a design like this. I’m wondering if I should switch the pa’s to these Home Theater drivers, what would I gain? SQ, smoothness, maybe better dynamics? <<<<<<<<<

Before you jump in with comments on things like extension, I only run these from 80 to 350hz so I don’t care how low or how high they go, most of that is already covered in the drivers design. Efficiency? I only need them to play at normal movie listening levels plus a little more and that is already built into them as well and I have the power to back that up being on an outboard amp.

I’m just tryin to figure out if it’s worth the effort to change anything? Will my htm’s pro audio driver clash with a HT driver? Is the “all pro” design better?

My thought is…. (This is not relevant to the question) I would like to take all my pa460’s (6 of them) and stack them up in boxes between my LCR in 2-3cuft sealed boxes and use my HF’s as a low end driver for my mains, but I also don’t want to ruin anything in the process…. Just trying to clean things up in my room and use up some things I have laying around.

stick with the PA460, they are 6-9db more efficient where it counts and I doubt you are using much of their 6mm excursion.
pro drivers typically trade bandwidth for output (vs "hifi") and you only need 2 octaves here.
I don't believe you would hear much difference IRL but I'd give the edge to the PA460, 80hz+ is exactly what they are made to do, HF390 is a "subwoofer" with high MMS and fat tire surround.
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