Pro Audio DIY Subwoofer for home?

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Hi guys,

As the title says I would like to try a DIY subwoofer using pro audio drivers this would be for mainly home audio and movies occasionally.

Why pro audio drivers? because its either car audio or pro audio where I'm from not much if any places selling DIY home audio drivers.

I would like bass from around 35hz (30hz if possible) to the usual 80-100hz to crossover to my mains which are BTW all pro audio drivers.

I'm currently lookin at the Faital Pro 15HP1010 a 15" woofer with specs as per link: FaitalPRO | LF Loudspeakers | 15HP1010 I'm really looking at this driver because i'm gettin them for a good price.

With my very limited knowledge I have simulated this driver in Winisd in a bass reflex box and looks flatish to 40hz and goes down to 35hz -3db using a tuning frequency of 38hz and volume of 3.5 cu. ft. But in reality? i dont know!

Would this work for my desired frequency range? (feel free to model it in your favourite box design software :)) How might it sound? anyone have experience doing a sub like this?

Also would two those 15's be overkill? My mains are an MTM configuration using two 8" 8FE200 woofers (95 db each) and 1" compression driver HF100 (108db) all faitail pro drivers.

Thanks in advance
That Faital Pro driver is rather nice. You could probably go for a slightly larger cabinet with a 30Hz tuning if that's how low you want to go.

2x15" a side going to 30Hz would easily keep up with your MTMs. 1x15" a side might not be enough if you want to eek out every last bit of volume.

The Faital Pro driver linked above would work in a small sealed box, but would need considerable EQ to bring the low end back up, given the low Qts and relatively high Fs for home use.

Remember that sealed boxes lose a lot of SPL compared to ported ones.
With a high-efficiency dual-8" MTM, I'm expecting fairly loud SPLs. In that case, 4x 15" sealed would do nicely, with lots of flexibility for playing with room placement as Geddes would recommend.

Using the drivers I linked above I am now considering two 15's in a 4.5 cu. ft. ported box tuned to 35hz, box size isn't an issue so I would prefer ported instead of sealed if it means I would lose spl on lower extension going sealed. And if needed I would add 2 more 15's later on when when funds permit.

I know with horns extension lowers when used in multiples but does the same happen with bass reflex boxes?
I'd've thought the Helmholtz resonance would remain constant - you're not changing any of the related parameters by putting another box next to it.

Hornresp does seem to suggest a given ported design will have a lower tuning frequency (and f3) when used in multiples, though.

As I understand it, as the speaker 'stack' increases in area its 'baffle' end correction increases along with the driver coupling and since the vent is a small acoustically driven piston 'driver', it's contributing to this increased total acoustic loading over some portion of the baffle's BW, causing some acoustic band-pass [horn] loading of the vent, making it a bit more efficient [acoustically longer].

Hi.I found quad industrial subwoofers in my country.I want to build 2 towers with them.Model no d-445 year 2008 and 17. Week. Can i find Ts parameters of them ? Are they good for home use ?


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