Printing on metal?

Printing material

There is a product called Quick mark imaging film, which exists both as plastic foils and metal foils, an excellent product for making decals and front panels. The product used to be called Scotchcal, then later 3M Dynamark. Not sure if Quick Mark is also a 3M product.

You make a master on film, PC and any drawing pgm, and copy the film to the foil like any other PCB. Then develop with the special deveopler, fix, and that's it. I have metal panels that have been used for more than 20 years ( Scothcal Alu-foil).
I posted how I have made some laser transfer pcbs in this <a href=""><u>thread</u></a> it may be of help, cheak out the link in my post too.

Another option are the<a href=""><u> ALPS micro dry</u></a> or an inkjet printer and some of the <a href=""><u>decal kits</u></a> that are available in model making stores.


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I have used the printed circuit board paper (actually the stuf I use is blue plastic sheets) to make decals and it works fine if you can get the metal hot enough to bond to the toner. It works best on thin sheet metal, I don't think you could get a thick aluminum panel hot enough using a household iron.

The image is quite durable as long as you don't try to create images with tiny dots (they will fall off with only minimal wear).

I have a color laser printer at work and it is great, I can make full color iron on decals for my boxes.

Phil Ouellette