Primo Peerless HDS Midwoofs need a home

Hello speaker builders. I've been building for many years, but eased off recently - gave up battling the WAF problem with selling to individuals. A few years ago, I bought 24 Peerless 830875 HDS Nomex 6 1/2" midwoofs. I fancied building some kick-A line sources (I'm not an engineer, so that was a fantasy). I kept them because they are a premium midwoof with great TS params and great looking freq response curve 90/100 Hz to 3kHz, thinking I might do 2-way bookshelves with them. They are languishing in my garage and I want to see them used. I'll sell the whole lot of 24 for $40 each and I will pay the shipping cost. Small amounts $50 each plus you pay actual shipping. I am not a dealer or reseller, BTW.