Priceless antiques?

From what I can gather, we have an unknown LF driver, and an original PAX-20G HF driver in a custom enclosure...does this look familiar to anyone out there?



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The definition of an antique is a subject that is frequently abused.

How old is an antique? 100 years old and no newer.

An object of considerable age valued for its aesthetic or historical significance.
In the antiques trade, the term refers to objects more than 100 years old.
Some dealers are attempting to lower the standard of an antique.
They believe that items over 50 years old should be considered an antique.

Just saying.


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2003-06-12 7:04 pm
Maine USA
In Maine (antique capital) a car can get "Antique" plates at 25 years.

However with those plates you can only drive it 'to and from shows'-- we can't find ANY advantage in antiquing the 1991 Miata MX5. It doesn't cut any slack at Inspection, a 1991 still has to meet all 1991 requirements. And AFAICT a 1941 Plymouth is legal with the original single tail/stop lamp and no turn signals. (But Jimmy runs full bright LED tallights on his 1933 Chevy to warn folks off his tail.)
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I know that pioneer PAX 20G driver as a dual concentric with an tweeter horn (a bit like the Altec 604, but smaller and not that quality). A friend has that speaker also and it sound decent good, but nothing special. Yours seems to miss the multicell horn on the tweeter (see picture)


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And AFAICT a 1941 Plymouth is legal with the original single tail/stop lamp and no turn signals.

That was true in Florida as well, but I had to argue that point and quote the statute numbers every year at motor vehicle inspection time with my 1949 Plymouth. At that time (1970's) an antique car was everything over 20 years old. A car over 35 years old was called a " horseless carriage."

My "antique" plate was renewable every year for around $7 and needed to fend off the idiots at the MV inspection station.

I swapped the still driveable car for as tube stereo around 1990, but I still have the original owners manual from 1949 in a box somewhere.

As for true "antiques" many times do you see one of those imitation Crosley radios in an antique store with an "antique" price tag on it.....the Made in Malaysia, or Made in China words on the back should be the firar clue, but often the shop owners think I'm trying to pull something when I explain that.
Here you get Collector plates and can use them just like regular plates (we also have special Veterans plates, HAM plates, vanity plates, and 3 parks plates that are pretty & you donate to provincial parks.


25 years is also how old a car needs to be to import it into Canada (we get a lot of right hand drive Japanese cars imported)



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2004-10-07 6:05 am
That's a nice plate, Dave! As George will know, Florida has about 100 specialty plates - kinda crazy. We also still have the $20 Antique Automobile plates and the Horseless Carriage plates. I'd have to look up what age qualifies for that.

EDIT: Looked it up. In Florida you can get a permanent Horseless Carriage license if the vehicle was manufactured before 1945. But that is not good for general road use.
I have the Spirit Bear plate.

Are you charging the dealer for the advertising you are carrying from the dealer (i hate those — particularily when they obscure parts of the plate.

I have the same plates… the spirit bear is my favorite, but you have to choose a colour that matches your car.



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Are you charging the dealer for the advertising you are carrying from the dealer
Sort of. I get the deluxe service for the price of a regular oil change ($40 difference) and I got $100 off when I had the deluxe detailing done. (2 weeks ago)

I guess this isn't really about antiques.

Priceless antiques? I have 4 Altec 604-8H originals, do those count?


2007-06-14 1:50 pm
My wife is off to buy a pair of speakers she showed me at an auction...looks like a pre-war pair of Pioneer P-8 speakers in ornate enclosures...pix to follow.


You are one lucky guy !

If I turn around and not watching my speakers, my wife would set them out on the driveway and put a sign that says "Free !".
The pair I seem to have is a "Keea", Argentinian manufacture, 12 inch FR driver in a factory enclosure. The driver model number is a 1222-XE ...described as a high efficiency unit. The enclosure seems a one inch press-board. The round emblem that had me curious is taken from a Pioneer is the asymmetrical horn tweeter "floating" in the port. My best guess is someone modified the original set..."Too little treble!" parting out said Pioneer, & not wanting to break out a jigsaw...reached in down the port, grabbed the wires & simply wired up the horn.
The two horns had,(past tense) a small Art Deco styled logo affixed, that is gone...I'd guess they wound up wrecking a cloth grill-piece up front while doing the mods, & used this god-awful green hard plastic mesh...keeping with a Pioneer theme, they unscrewed the PAX-20G logo off the donor unit & used it to secure the mesh in the middle of the baffle.
It does sound good & very efficient.