Premade chip amps?

Hey All:

My kid has an iPod nano, which she listens to directly out of the built-in "speaker" :eek:

To break her of this habit, I have some nice speakers to put in her redecorated room. I want to get a compact amp she can plug into. I have no interest in trying to build a kit, but figured you forum-ites might be knowledgeable about finished goods amps based on these kinds of chips.

So far, what I've found boils down to:
- Sonic Impact Super T-Amp: a nice silver, the only vertical one I've seen, longer for sale, it seems.
- The Dayton DTA-1 or silver version from Parts Express: Dayton DTA-1 Class T Digital AC/DC Amplifier 15 WPC |
- Cheap but ugly Pyle stuff, like PCA-1
- A bunch of very similar items on eBay all coming from China/Hong Kong, in nice metal cases, based on Class T chips, 2x7W RMS or so which is more than enough for this application, but power supply not included. Some are $20! Just the kind of expenditure I had in mind. I have a 12V supply I could graft a plug to, or get a big wall wart.*

I'm heavily leaning towards the eBay way, just wondering if anyone knows of inexpensive alternatives, and any advice regarding all these little China clone "T amps"


*I know, wall warts aren't the greatest. But they are less ugly than a 12V power supply visible on the floor, which would be the alternative.