Predictive Energy Balancing amplifier

"Predictive Energy Balancing, (PEB), allows immediate, direct feedback in a switched-mode power converter by effectively removing the filter pole from the feedback loop. Predictive Energy Balancing makes switching decisions based on the eventual outcome of those decisions, which can be calculated in advance using the fundamental energy equations. In the process, the unavoidable delay of the output filter is removed from the feedback loop. PEB allows the maximization of both agility and stability."

New approaches to switched-mode audio power amplifiers (Part 2) | EDN (3 pages)


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...not going to step in the discussion whether predicting energies in a power circuit is new or not...

But I would like to highlight that most common speakers do not at all act with high fidelity, when operated with energy drive instead of voltage drive.
Consequently this method would only make sense as an inner loop, with an additional outer regulation loop, which then provides voltage drive to the speaker.