prebuild (denon, marantz) vs DIY T amp

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Hi there,

Few days back I ordered a prebuild TA2024C Sure amp with PSU. (will be connected to PS3)

Now I was thinking maybe its a nice project to build my own T amp based on the TK2050 board with Meanwell PSU. So I made a list of components required. The total was 206 euro (288 dollars).

So next thing came to mind. Is the quality better then a prebuild Denon PMA-510AE or PMA-710AE. With a few extra extra dollars I get a remote (not really needed) or input selections (also not needed at the moment). I know prebuild doesnt have the fun of DIY.

Maybe I should wait till the TA2024C arrives and compare it to my denon 2310.

Can someone add a comment why I should build my own or just pick up a prebuild one?

(small sidenote I received an email that Sure will make a prebuild TK2050 in one or two months)
I cant say with any certainty, that it will be better but:

My Hypex UCD400Hxr's and my Tripath TA2022's all have _much_ better sound than the amplifiers that are build into my Denon AVR-2808.

The 2022's didn't cost much, and are still classes better. Especially dynamics, and detail in midtone and treble are much improved. They also sound less stressed at hgh volume.

The PMA's are off course a better quality than my AVR's amplifiers, but I think you will still see an improvement.

I have seen Hypex's compared to very expensive equipment and still come up on top or equal.

But checking the 2024 against the 2310 is a good idea. I think you will see big improvements.

IMHO its more fun to build things yourself, but also takes time, and you need to know what youre doing. You get more for your money, and have the joy of having build it yourself.
Can't comment on Tripath - UCD400AD and HG's though, are beating the power stage of my Denon 4306.

Especially dynamics - but that's just because of "how big" you build your power supply, more than the amplifiers themselves. That said, AD's and especially HG's are much more refined.

I think most receivers have pretty nice amps, but it's always the PS where the pennies are saved.

Edit: I see you will connect your amps straight to the PS3 - of course here also the quality of the line-outs on the PS3 comes into play. I have no experience with those. I use my PS3 -> HDMI LPCM -> DENON 4306 -> HYPEX -> B&W's.
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.