Preamplifier/Buffer/Impedance converter to the E1DA Cosmos ADC

Who actually owns a preamplifier or buffer/impedance converter that has been proven to work with the E1DA Cosmos ADC?

My input is a sensitive sound module with output of 0.2 Volts. Output impedance is 150 Ohms. It will be inputted into the E1DA Cosmos ADC which I recently acquired. But the input impedance of the E1DA is:

1.7Vrms 640Ω,
2.7Vrms 1kΩ,
3.5Vrms 1.3kΩ,
4.5Vrms 1.66kΩ,
6.7Vrms 2.46kΩ,
7.6Vrms 2.82kΩ,
8.5Vrms 3.12kΩ,
10Vrms 3.48kΩ,
43Vrms 13.6kΩ
Note: Unbalanced impedance about 30% less."

Since my source is unbalanced mono. The input impedance would be 630 Ohm less 30% = 441 Ohms and mono would be half or 220 Ohm. So at 1.7Vrms, 220 Ohm dip switch setting. A source output impedance of 150 Ohms and 0.2 Volts will be too low. I need to amplify the 0.2 Volts to say 8.5Vrms to take advantage of the 3.12 KOhm input impedance of the E1DA ADC. What preamplifier (besides the APU) or even Interface that can do that with low distortion not far from the E1DA Cosmos APU? I want alternative because the APU gain has only 34dB and 60dB select switch (with no way in between). Thanks.
Can the E1DA Cosmos Scaler accept any input with regular output? Because the specs seems to say it is just doing stair case steps in the dB so if you input say music, the sound would go up and down every few seconds, like turning up and down the volume every few seconds. Is it not?

What do you guys think of the Topping L30 II which is one of the best headphone amps out there (google all the reviews of the performance like having THD+N of 0.000087%). It has output impedance of mere 0.1 Ohms enough for the E1DA ADC! And input impedance is 2kOhm enough to work with 150 Ohm sensor output impedance.

The maximum gain of the Topping L30 II is 16.5 dB which has gain of 6.683 times so if the input is 0.2 V then the maximum gain is 1.3366 Volts. Is 1.3366 V output enough? Compared this to the E1DA Cosmos APU with gain of 34 dB that can make the 0.2 V become 10 Volts. So what do you make of 1.3366 Volts versus 10 Volts? Can you see more signal using 10 Volts when using DAW or software like REV? This is the factor that can make me decide whether to get the Topping L30 II or APU, or other ready built preamp or interface units you can suggest (that would actually work).