preamp supply LOW power LOW noise LOW cost

Looking for help/advice on a low power supply to go with an RIAA preamp built on contemporary opamps.

Linear has a lovely set of parts starting with the LT 1763 (a good year for Mozart -- he was 10) and the negative mate -- the LT 1964 (a good year for John Lennon-- he was 20). And those two have been glued together in a single part -- the LT 3032. These make for a very low noise +/- 15 volt supply.

Except for the form factors on the parts, that are so weird they make me think the packaging guy at Linear was recovering from something strange when he put these little guys in plastic, these are neat parts. But a 14 pin DFN with embedded thermal pads (LT 3032). Sheesh.

Beyond dealing with the screwball form factors and picking capacitors and rectifiers very very carefully, what else is of big time concern in building a supply for an RIAA phono preamp? Any concerns about 150 ma not being enough juice?:confused: