Preamp source select

Im planning to build the esp project 88, as my first complete DIY audio project. Constructing this design shouldn't be a big problem, but if anyone has suggestions, please let me know.
I want to use an relais source select for my inputs, instead of an rotary switch, but I can't find any schematics.
Maybe someone can help me out.
We have an input module which is relay switched. 5 line inputs plus tape in and out plus switched output. Relays take +5 Volts to operate so may be used with remote circuitry. The backplane PCB also contains the phono sockets for convenience. I'll post a picture on the website next week.

Hope that helps, Les
switching inputs by relays

If you can do with four inputs (= four relays) you can control them by wiring 2 double throw toggle switches on the front panel.

i.e. four combinations


Each combination switches on a different relay.

The relays can be mounted on matrix board near the input sockets.

This is what I put on my own preamp.

If that is the sort of thing you are thinking of, I can do you a more detailed diagram.