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preamp for DCX 2496 balanced 6 channels Masterpot 7.1

I have for sale a Masterpot 7.1 made by Baldwin Products. It is designed as a volume control for surround sound, it can also operate as a two track preamp. It has 25 pin D-type connectors and comes with a pigtail for balanced in and output.
Specs: 8 channels
THD less than .009%
freq response from 1hz to 60 khz, +.1, -.3dB
Dynamic range >125dB
Cross talk - 90db
Channel tracking +/- 0.1 dB from -70 to +10 dB
Calibration trim per channel +/- 10dB
Gain max +10dB
Dim gain +0 to -105dB
Maximum input level +26dB

I have used it with my 2496 with great success.

Please be aware of the following:
1. The cosmetic condition is poor
2. I cannot get channel 7 and 8 to work? I have no idea why. It has had no effect on channels 1 thru 6.

I am asking $400 OBO. This unit retailed for thousoands when new and is very well made.

PM me if interested



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