Preamp design

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Hi all,

Im fairly new to the world of audio DIY, and am currently building a couple of 200W mosfet modules for my stereo. However I am having alot of difficulty finding a suitable pre-amp design to use.

I am not using vinyl sources or anything, and am just looking for something with volume/balance/tone. Almost all of the designs I have come across on the internet deal with tubes, mic inputs or vinyl inputs - i have had very little success trying to find something that I can simply connect to my CD player!

So if anyone knows of any designs which fit my application or can point me in the direction of some schematics I would be most grateful.

Those chips look fairly impressive - but i want to make sure I am getting a high quality sound. Do you think that this arrangement is any better or worst with regards to sound quality than a basic discrete op-amp setup, similar to the project described at

(Thanks for pointing out that one Geoff.)

Could anyone who has had expereience with these chips (LM1036) post their opinions?


I haven't used the LM1036 so cannot comment on its sound quality but bear in mind that was designed for use in, quote, "car radio, TV and audio systems". Most devices intended for this type of application are definitely mid-fi at best.

The performance of a discrete op-amp design is likely to be considerably better than that of the LM1036, particularly if high grade devices are used. If you use sockets for the NE5532 op-amps in the design I linked to, you can upgrade initially, or at a later date as funds permit, to higher performance op-amps such as the OPA2134.

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I've seen passive tone coltrols. Thye don't look all that complicated topology wise. I think, on the same site, there is a small ciruits section. You might find a tone control there. Let me look....nope.

Try this one:
BTW- This site has tons of circuits, not just audio.

These are active circuits. I looked for passive and there was a wierd sign-on screen.

Good luck!

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