Pre amp kit

It doesn't have a transformer or power supply. It doesn't have RCA jacks, the device that hooks up my whole system. It doesn't have a grounded steel box to keep the lamp dimmer hash or CB radio trash talk from blasting into your system. It doesn't have a selector switch to change between sources. As there are only three screw strips to do input and output, and one is two terminal, there probably not even a terminal for safety ground/grounding hub. It would be a nuisance stuffing two braids from two different patch coax cables into one screw terminal. I don't see any active devices, but these could be SMT, no telling what they are. It has only one control shaft, so if it is stereo it doesn't have a left-right balance potentiometer. It doesn't have a knob.
What were you planning to amplify anyway? CD players and computers have line level outputs suitable for driving an amp as is, typically. Selecting between sources involves a precious metal plated selector switch,precious metal contact relays, or a mixer circuit. I find switching between sources so 1950's, when one can have 3 inputs hot at once and at a reasonable level without fiddling when the source is changed, with a mixer. See this about the importance of the steel box and my follies at improving a $15 disco mixer with a nice steel box and 6 great slide pots into a decent performing RIAA mag phono/CD player/FM radio hub. The bottom line is, details matter.
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