Pre-Amp Design HELP / Idea's

Ok so i need to build a pre-amp chassis. I have a Aleph p.17 I’m going to use with all balanced output's and also rca output's. My question is, what would be better or smarter in my thought process.

A pre-amp with the 3 active x-over's built in with xlr / rca out puts so 8 in total.


A pre-amp with 2 main in's * source's * and 1 set of out's rca / balanced. Then another box with the active crossovers in it.

There will be 8 channels maybe 6 channel's.

Left channel & right channel

So on the active x-over if it is separate it will have 4 left outputs and 4 right out puts. And one set of input’s from the pre-amp

So my question is should I make this one big preamp with all these goodies internal or should I make the pre-amp then a separate box for the active x-over’s