PPI A404 Art or JL Audio 300/4

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I think I have it narrowed down between these two amps. From what I read, the Art series is highly regarded. This is for the A404, NOT A404.2, I do not know what the difference is.

Does anybody have any recommendation between these two units?

Also, what's the difference between the .2 series and the regular?

I don't really want to pay anymore than 350 (both of these are under or right at) for 4 speakers.

Both of these are excellent choices. It has been said that the PPI Art Series was one of the best SQ amps ever made. I would go w/ which ever one is cheaper. I have to figure you are buying online b/c JL 300/4 runs about $500. Just a quick note:
JL is very strict about their products being sold online, most likely the serial on the amp has been altered so JL will not honor any warranty. PPI has not made the Art Series amps for years, they were pre-DEI. So you would have to contact DEI and see if they will honor a warranty on the amp. PPI made the Art Series before the DEI buyout of PPI.
I have both amps, though right now the A404.2 is sitting in my closet because the car in which it's supposed to reside does not currently run. (Yes, I am considering putting it on the market.) Here's my take.

1) The 300/4 is a much more flexible amp. It has onboard crossover that, unlike most car amps' onboard signal processing, actually work. They are extremely flexible, offering a choice of 12dB/octave or 24dB/octave slopes over a range of 25-5kHz and adding no noise to the system. It is also a LITTLE more powerful in real life, though not enough to make a real difference. (I've never tried it with low-impedance loads; all of the speakers it drives are ~8ohms.)

2) The PPI 404.2 is considerably more compact and looks a lot cooler, both in terms of its shape and the "Art" graphics. However, it's "just"
an amp. There's no crossover on it.

Sound wise, they are absolutely identical in every way, shape, and form. Anyone who tells you otherwise is hearing with his/her imagination and not his/her ears. (Obviously, the Jello will sound different from the PPI if you use the onboard crossovers, but only because the frequency response will differ.)

And IIRC the difference between the Art Series and the Art Series .2 is that the .2's have more durable power supplies.

Which would I go with? If having a one-box amp/crossover solution is important, the Jello. If compactness and style are more important, the PPI.
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