PPI A200

Replaced the BDT82's with the 2N6491's

And replaced the BDT81's with 2N6488's

I noticed that one of the diodes on the bottom side of the board was cracked in half..

Anyone know what i can replace it with??

I have a PPI PC1400 scrap board dont know if the diodes are the same or not ??
Yeah that is what i was thinking it was. Yes its a temp sensor for the bias tracking. The only info I can find shows its as a Temperature Dependent Resistor R250 and that's on a PC1400 document I found...
So if you borrow one from another PPI amp measure and compare them with a ohm meter at room temp to see if they match resistance at the same temp with a good one from another channel. If so I would feel confident they could be interchanged without issue.
PPI like most car amp makers stuck with the same design over the years just engineering newer transistors into the amp due to availability so I am thinking they are the same for all models and you could borrow one from your other amp without much issue. But test them first to be sure...hope this helps some...