Powersupply questions


I come from the tube world,
in tube power supplies sometimes if one does not have caps of the required voltage rating a lot people people put them in series with resistors as voltage dividers so the caps see safe voltage across them.
Is there any issue with doing this with SS power supplies ?
I want to build an M250 and utilize some caps I already have in this manner.

Also I notice in many of the SS DIY designs there is not much use of CRC or LC filtering in the power supplies. Any reason why ?


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2007-07-17 2:35 am
Central Berlin, Germany
No problem with that, given that the same rules are followed.

Some SS designs (ie from Nelson Pass) use CLC, CRC, etc smoothing schemes. Many designs may not need that extra smoothing, when PSRR of the amp is good enough, also there are trade-offs with efficiency, max power ouput, cost/space (with the coils) etc.

- Klaus