Powering two Speakers from one amplifier channel.

I have a Panasonic Home Theater in a box system with very good sounding(IMO) bookshelves and worse sounding center channel.

Now,the receiver already has a function that routes the center channel data to the LEFT and RIGHT speakers.It works.

So i have center channel stuff coming out from the center channel speaker as well as LEFT and RIGHT.

I have heard that this combination may spoil the sound.Difference in phase,comb filtering.I dont know..........you tell me.

Is it possible to connect the center channel amplifier output to BOTH the LEFT and RIGHT speakers(thereby giving the power output meant for the center to the LEFT AND RIGHT) ??

All speakers are rated 6 Ohms.Is it safe to do this ?

Its a digital Panasonic amp BTW.


Paid Member
2003-08-03 11:43 am
If you parallel up the left and right speakers to the center channel you will have an impeadance of 3 ohms which the amp may not handle.... also you will be connecting 3 channels of output together, I don't know what the amp will think of this but I don't imgagine it would be good for it.

finally you will lose any stereo imaging since the left and right speakers are connected together (via the center channel amp terminals)....

since you said your amp has the ability to route center channel info to the left and right, do that and disconnect your center chanel speaker (or turn it off as Pallas said).... then start thinking about a project to make a good center channel :)