Powering elac debut 5.2(dac+amp or integrated amp)

Hello guys i just got elac debut 5.2
I'm wondering what amp should i use?

Now I'm using nobsound ns10g, mainly for watching youtube / spotify

Budget under $200
What i need is optical, usb, Bluetooth

There are some options:
1. DAC + amp combo:
topping pa3 + topping d10 / other DAC

2. Integrated amp:
FX audio 802c

I'm from Indonesia, no many options here


2007-12-09 3:09 pm
Those bargain-priced Full Digital Amplifiers appear an attractive proposition at first sight, but I have found them to be just OK, not great.
In terms of outright sound quality I think you're still better off with a (well-regarded) separate DAC plus class D amp - something like the Schiit Modi 3 + FX-Audio FX1002A ... but there's no bluetooth. And given your requirements - Youtube/Spotify - yeah, AD18 is probably the best choice.
With these sources, I do not know what improvement you expect to get.

Most of your alternatives have just the same power output as your amp.
AD18 = 24 volt input = Nobsound. No more volt, no more power, no more loud.

Sound quality from you tube is limited too. If MP3 signal not good, no amp or DAC will make better sound. So do not expect too much or, to say the truth, anything at all.
In this case I believe @Audiophiledotid will notice quite the difference between the Nobsound and the SMSL. It's kind of obvious, the Nobsound is so tiny it's unlikely to house a decent set of bulk capacitors or fully developed class D outputs. (Where the real differences in class D amps are)

Granted it won't be a highly resolving audiophile system with the SMSL either. The Elac Debut speakers will make sure of that... but I would estimate it could be a very satisfying system for general "make my TV sound better" type uses.
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