Powering Crazy Car Setup In Bedroom

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Tweeker said:
Yes, there are home subs that can put out mad bass, a question though, how much volume (liters/cu feet) can you use?

The Peavy is pro audio gear, they dont care about low bass, its low frequency response stops @50hz. What is meant by program is something along these lines:

These are 4 ohm speakers, and they can take almost 100V rms. This =~2400 watts. 100V rms means 200V peaks. This =~4800 watts. So youve got your 2400 watt amp cranked up all the way, but your playing music. The average power of music : peak is typically around 10:1, but is lower with more dynamic compression. This is pro gear its built with some margin. Somewhere I read 3:1 but Im not at all sure about that.

I just remembered that you said that earlier on... what PRE-MADE equipment can I buy that will give me the bass vibration I am after?

... I am so confused I don't go know what to do or where to go next.
Guru is reaally stretching it for me. The driver is simply refering to the actual woofer (or tweeter or whatever the case may be). PE claims a pair of LAB12s in horns= 6-8 18"s.

Extremely crude analogy- think of a bicycle horn except you have a woofer in a chamber instead of a squeeze bulb.

Ignore the dots w a woofer, the space in the compression chamber as the air is compressed it gives something for the woofer to work against, it "loads" the woofer. There are lots of variations, this is just to give an idea.

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1 Behringer Europower 2500 is plenty, this is a bedroom, not a large nightclub. :)

Folded sonotube TL my easy enclosure suggestion.

Scale up for 15" driver with a 16" and 22" tube.

A thread on the subwoofer forum might be a good idea. I have Ascendant drivers, but they arent currently available, niether area Adire. TC Sounds might be good.

The LAB12s go much lower than the Peavy, and louder, but lotsa carpentry.
But 2 would be better, and 3 even better than 2, right? I mean you can't really say no because it's pretty obvious, but I would go with at least 2.

Okay well low "clean, powerful and smooth" bass is what I am after, and working with this budget, I really don't know what to do. I don't have the skills to make the enclosure for that LAB12 horn.. I would have to pay someone to make it for me and it seems like a huge mission.

What are some of the most powerful and AFFORDABLE PA subs around? Boxed or unboxed doesn't matter to me..
XO is the crossover frequency from the subwoofers to the next. The crossover I linked offers an adjustable 4rth order xo point between one speaker set and the next. A different amp and speaker set would take care of the rest of your system, the Europower 2500 is getting the subs to itself.

XO is shorthand for crossover.
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