powered stage monitor project


2011-03-06 2:58 pm
Friend of mine is a DJ and wants to get his hands dirty making a powered monitor for louder clubs. Ideal cabinet size would be around 12x12x18. He wants xlr and rca inputs and outputs and is open to either a fullrange or crossover design. I've only really messed around with fullrange voigt pipes and t-amps in the past, neither of which really apply here. It would be a learning experience for me as well. Any tips for starting out would be appreciated. Durability trumps everything here as he has nice near field monitors that he uses for mixing. This would be a piece of gear that would get knocked around a bunch. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
How much do you want to dump into this project? With the specific processing in the factory boxes it is going to be difficult to replicate something like this.

DIY is wonderful for subs and custom installs but reproducing a product that is already being mass produced (powered boxes) is not frugal. The econowave project has a 10" version but will have a hard time competing with the bi-amped Yamaha/JBL/QSC/RCF/EV...etc.