Powered bookshelfs / monitor

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Im totally new to building speakers. My plan is to build an powered bookshelf speaker.
Are there any plans here or on the internet? I've tested powered speakers with a nice sound but bad build quality. So i can think it can be only better.
But becouse im new to this i want to start with a proven design and sound quality.
No one? Or can i just a proven design and make it a active/powered speaker?
Yes. There are some two way analogue active crossovers available, at reasonable cost, and with RC inserts that allow for changes to Xover frequency. There will be some who will come up with all sorts of (spurious) reasons why not, but I've done it successfully.
Get good quality drivers and it is hard to go too far wrong.
I am a real fan of the DEXQ units for making your own speakers and building a 2 way with sub's in support works a treat ! And if you get stuck you can always get a paid remote session to get it sorted. I would start with a proven box design for sure as you are a beginner , depending on your woodworking skills get a pre made box or the front baffle cutouts done . Obviously DEXQ isn't bargain basement but the results are impressive
if you were located in Europe the active kits from the Austrian Scan Speak distributor are the ones to go for if you want quality Scan-Speak
If you're just building a cheap speaker then I doubt you will make something better than some of these new active units especially as a beginner eg AE 1 etc
Troels Gravensen's website includes an Illuminitor Monitor cabinet which uses a truncated pyramid shape to reduce edge distortion. Simple bevel cuts. This cabinet will work with the high value 6.5" Satori MW16P-4 midbass and 1.1" SB_Acoustics SB29RDC-4 tweeter. Purchase a DSP engine which can include tweeter time delay, in addition with either 2nd or 3rd order crossover filters at 1,800Hz.


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I don't know how much money you want to spend or how complex you want the build to be, but allow me to offer a simple alternative that I have good experience with.

I make portable speakers and exclusively use the Faital Pro 3" and 4" full range drivers. I personally think they are absolutely amazing, and exceptionally good value for money.

FaitalPRO | LF Loudspeakers | 3FE25

FaitalPRO | LF Loudspeakers | 4FE35

The speakers I have made have just used vintage boxes and cases. As long as they have relatively thick walls i'm not too fussy if they look good. The speakers have sounded great regardless.

Up to now, all of my builds have used the same amp - this tiny little beast:

PAM8403 5V Digital Amplifier Board 2 x 3 W Class D with Switch Potentiometer UK | eBay

I then power the speakers using either a USB charger, or a portable USB power bank. 3 watts a side really shouldn't sound as good as they do. They still amaze me when I switch them on now, and the people I have made them for couldn't be happier.

You can see my stuff here:

High Five Audio – Unique Audio Solutions

It would be fairly easy to make two cabinets and add the drivers. One of those tiny amp modules and a link cable between the cabinets. Or you could choose a higher powered variant and run them from a 12v adapter or the like. Bluetooth is available on many of the amp modules that you can buy too.

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