power transformer thermal fuse.

I recently got a Sony ta313 amplifier in a breakdown state from a friend and the purpose was to remove its analog vu meters to be used on another ic based amplifier that i was building.when i opened the cover ,i saw that everything was in good order inside although it did not power on.i made some casual check but to no avail and the transformer seems to be dead.an external power supply brought the amplifier to life so the culprit was the transformer.i then proceed to download the datasheet and saw that because of a thermal fuse concealed within the transformer itself,there was nosupply.curiously on the diagram sony allows the thermal fuse to be bypassed ,a way which i have not tried yet fearing more damage.i need some counselling here on how to proceed.it would be a pity to dump such a beautiful amplifier.as for the amp circuit,the left one was louder than the other and one of the big filter capacitor in the supply has leaked which probably caused the shutdown.
I have been on other sites and experts in audio tell you that changing the transformer is the best solution.it seems a rather expensive way to deal with the matter as these kind of transformers with multiple windings are not easily obtainable even from their manufacturers.it would be interesting to hear from people who have designed these kind of power supplies and what were the reasons to do so.