Power supply to opamp. Ground plane?

I am beginning my first project(s). I have a half decent power supply w/ +/-18v, 48v, 12v, and 5v. I am going to use INA217 for mic/instrument. INA137 for balanced line in and DRV134 for balanced output.
Bear with me , I have limited opamp experience.
I have to apply +/-18v to opamp and use decoupling caps. These caps are connected to ground.
Is the ground supplied by the ground lead of power supply?
Please explain "good ground plane".
To get started I would like to make a mini(instant gratification)cicuit on breadboard or substitute, using INA217 and DRV134 to get a mic signal to a +4dbu input.
Can I use 1uf non-polar electrlytic to decouple?
On the output, what effect will higher lower values have on offset? Polar or non polar? What voltage and why?
Thank you for patience
You can probably use 1 uF but I recommend that you read the datasheet of the INA/DRV IC's and check what the manufacturer says. Meanwhile you can check my audiostuff, which all have groundplanes. Check also how I have done the decoupling.

Personally I should not use 1 uF but 100 nF maybe in parallel with 10-100 uF. Note also that more decoupling is necessary if the object consumes much current and/or is fast.