power supply subtitute for topping d20

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Maybe you could try a passive filter between the adaptor and the DAC? Perhaps resistors, capacitors, and ferrite beads can filter out much of the switching noise.


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Topping d20 DAC power supply upgrades

Hi. I have the same unit. I've ordered a Pyramid PS3kx power supply from Amazon. It's rated output is 12v (13.8 max) and 2.5 steady rate amps. The Topping D20 dac back panel states a 15v input but, in my experience that is USUALLY just a "nominal" rating of 15v maximum. The Pyramid voltage should be fine. And if I remember correctly, the wall wart supplied with the Topping d20 unit states a 1.5 amp output. Increased amperage and a regulated power supply are the 2 things that USUALLY improve the sound of most "wall wart" powered Dacs, T amps and Phono Pre-amps Wall wart power supplies use mostly cheap "switching" type supplies that tend to inject some noise into the audio path. They are cheap, small, light and add almost nothing to the cost of the product, so they are very commonly used. I'm currently using the Pyramid above as an upgrade to power my TCC TC-754 phono preamp/switcher. I have had no issues. TO MY EARS, the sound is cleaner (less grain,distortion) and the bass is much tighter ( no, not louder) Worth the $35.00 to me. Your experience may not be the same depending on your system and your ears. I am currently running the following system: TEC TC-754 phono preamp/switcher, Topping D20 Dac, HP laptop (soundcard by-passed) for radio streaming, Pioneer DV-250 transport for cd replay and an AR Legend turntable with Rega RB-300 tonearm/Shure V-15 Type V for LP's. The amp is a Dayton Audio APA-150, driving a pair of Pioneer SP-BS22-LR bookshelf speakers. One final word of caution. I would not use any power supply rated for more than 2.5 amps, 3 peak with any of the above mentioned products. That is a IMO, a safe operating range. The Parts Express Q&A section might have more info for you. I will follow up on the Topping Dac/ Pyramid combination after Amazon delivers. HAPPY LISTENING!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Try the Meanwell Brand # GS40A15-P1J " brick" style (not wall wart) fully regulated power supply. It is Rated output is 15volts DC, 2.67 amps. I have been driving the Topping D20 dac with this PSU 24/7 for over 2 weeks. Sounds great, no issues. I purchased mine from Jameco electronics. Note that the detachable 3 conductor AC power cord is NOT included in the price. It may be ordered from the same supplier as part # 161761. This has become my reference PSU for the Topping. I now use the Pyramid #PS3KX ( 13.8vdc, 2.5 amp output) to power my TCC model TCC-754 phone pre- amp.
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