Power Supply Requirement for IRS2092 6x100w


2016-03-17 10:40 pm
Hey guys,

I want to build a 6 channels amplifier with clean 100w per channel.

I plan to use 3 of these:
Sure Electronics AA-AB32291 2x250W IRS2092 Class-D Amplifier Board

My question is the correct power supply to go with it. This amp requires dual rail of +-60 to +-80, where +-70 seems to be the reference or typical.

Would this power supply work:
SMPS800R 72V 110V SMPS Power Supply Connexelectronic Ships from Oregon USA | eBay

will 800w (1000w peak) continuous smps will give me more than 6x100w ?

Also, I have read that its better to use separate power supply for each amp module.

I also found this: Abletec +-53V 450W
abletec 53 | eBay

Which is better? 1x800w SMPS @ +-70v or 3x450w SMPS @+-53V?