Power supply for Superclock

I have just constructed a power supply for the Superclock 3 in my Marantz player. I purchased the SC3 from pcX on closeout over a year ago. Until this week I had been powering the clock from the digital power supply of the player. I have been simply stunned at the improved that the separate power supply makes. The noise floor drops to the center ofthe earth, and all this music information emerges. This is easy to hear, and does not strain all the powers of your perception in order to hear.

However, psu's for superclock's are not cheap to come by. Audiocom's psu is expensive. Audioupgrade's listed here:
is about half, but still a fair bit.
I constructed the psu as listed here:
in the Marantz SA-8260 modifications. Scroll down to the clock power supply. There is a schematic and a picture.