Power Supply for SP10 MkII

Hi, I have just received a SP10mk II I won in a auction on the Japanese Jauce site. I knew it had no P/S when bidding. Overall the unit seems in good condition & spins very smoothly.

Now I need to make the P/S but am a bit of a nob with mains work.

Shown is the plug to arrangement for powering the unit, I do not need the 140DC voltage as this is just for the timing light. (we now have phones)

It seems quite straight forward to make up.

Question is can the main 32.5VDC feed be used (by changing up & down) vary the platter feed.



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Already recommended.
I have a friend producing these for their own needs and are very impressed with the design.

I very recently received a Japan Import which arrived with a sheared off Platter Spindle, with the break seen level with the top of the visible Bush in the Bearing Housing.

If one can wear this sort of damage and have a 'get out of jail option' all well and good, I can not recall having seen a SP10 MkII Spindle for sale as a Spare. Platter appear regular as does Units without Power Supplies.

My concern for the damage is resolved, I should have the TT up and running when the new part arrives.