power supply for phono preamp board and ADC board (rca in, spdif out)

I am trying to simplify my setup while switching to DSP crossover with no analog input (minidsp flex).

I have a cheap ART DJ phono preamp with 9V brick and I am looking at this audophonics RCA to spdif board (5V in):

Idea is to put these two boards in the same enclosure with a psu (240V in) with two output: 9V DC and 5V DC.

Signal wise: two RCA in from the turntable in the phono preamp, two RCA out to the ADC board and a SPDIF out to the minidsp as a "digital" source.

Two questions:
  • is the proposed "lego" electronic build ok? Anything I should be looking for?
  • how to build this PSU? Most smps don't have two outputs. Is there an easy way to do this?

Thank you!