Power supply for my Aikido mixer


2012-12-06 4:26 pm
i want to ask a question about the power supply of this aikido mixer:


the mixer will be stereo so i will make twice this circuit (4 tubes ecc82 totally)
the high voltage is 150Vdc.
the secondary of my psu is 115v ac / 300ma.
Do you think the current of 300mA for those 4 tubes ecc82 of the circuit will be sufficient?
Sorry for my poor English

Thanks a lot!
Well, 300mA @ 150V is 45W, and there is no way the output valve will dissipate 15W without killing itself in short order, so the output stage must be running at way less then 100mA, it will be fine.

I make the intput stage 5mA (75V/15K) nominal, so hardly significant.

I would suggest that maybe a resistor in series with the output would be a good plan so as to avoid possible problems if driving a capacitive load.

Regards, Dan.