Power supply for Car amplifier

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I have the DLS CA-41 (4-channel amplifier) and DLS CAD-15 (monoblock) amplifier. I wish to use these at home as I cant install them in my new car and no one wants to buy them.

The amps specs are available at: http://dls.se/en/car/prod.html?produkt=en_890 and http://dls.se/en/car/prod.html?produkt=en_106

Both the amps consume a maximum of 220amps at 13.8V.

How should I design a power supply for these or what type of power supply unit should I use? Should this be an SMPS or transformer based? I have seen computer SMPS rated at 600W to 1000W, can I use these without any issues?

Finally, has anyone done something like this? These are very good amps so I dont want to sell them off at throw away prices either.

The loudspeakers I shall be using would be Focal K2 series.

Please suggest.



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Computer PSU - No. The 1000W computer PSU is spread over all the output voltages so you will not have 1000W at 12V.

At this kind of power a Linear Power Supply is prohibitively large and expensive but is do-able.

Far more manageable is a decent 3000W SMPS Power Supply.

(I've stated 3kW so that the PSU has a bit of headroom and isn't being pushed to its max all the time).

(I've used 12V so you will need to scale that up to 3.2kW for 13.8V).
Hello Nitin,

Yes there are solutions for your application.

Do you want to use your car audio amplifiers at full power?

That is going to be expensive. If you want to do so, I can tell you there is an specific car audio solution from brazilian guys

Stetsom - Amplificadores - Catálogo de Produtos (found them some weeks ago in ebay but now I can´t find those, price was around 900 usd)

Non specific but equally or better power supplies are Meanwell´s
(Switching Power Supply - Mean Well Switching Power Supply Manufacturer), I see (from wikipedia) that your mains voltage is 220V ac, so you can use the bigger power supplies from them, like the model

Meanwell Power Supply Products

bad news is the price

RSP-3000-12 Mean Well | Mouser

You can also buy separate supplies, 160A an 60A or so versions.

Hope this helps
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.