Power Supply for AK4395 board


2011-09-12 10:43 pm
I have a question about feeding power to a AK4395 dac. I'm a newbe so I don't know a lot about this stuff. I recently modified my Schiit BiFrost DAC with new regulators. I replaced the LM317 with a Belleson superpower regulator. There was only one regulator feeding the DAC daughter board. So I'm guess that the output of the regulator was feeding the digital power for the chip and the analog power of the chip. The sound was much improved with the new regulator. The Bifrost uses a AK4396 and I figured I will get improvements replacing the regulators in my Anthem D2v using an AK4395 chip.

Looking at the power supply board in the D2v it has a lots of regulators. I pretty sure that they have a seperate regulator for the digitaland another regulator to the analog section for the AK4395 chip. There are two different types of regulators feeding the DAC daughter board. One is an easy replacement with the Belleson which is a three prong regulator. The other regulator has five prongs (I don't have the number and will need to open up the unit again). I'm not sure which one is the digital one and which one is the analog one yet.

I understand that it's better have seperate power supplies for the digital and analog because of noise. So the question I have which section of the DAC should get the better quality power regulator if I could only do one? Which one will give me the most bang for my buck?

I would guess the analog power should be the best. Is stock regulator really good enough for the digital power and get the cleanest and best for the analog section? Is there a good chance I would get improvements in sound if I upgrading both?

Can someone explain to me what the chip is doing with each type of power feed the chip?

Any help would be appreciated.