Power supply capacitors

I'm in the early stages of an amp layout, I'm trying to see If I can fit everything for a 4 channel 70-100 watt/channel class A/b amp in a package that will fit in my entertainment center. I wanted to go with class A, but even at 4*40 or 2*20+2*40 I won't have room for all the heatsink. (looking to bi-amp)
So right now I'm Looking for sources of capacitors suitible for power supplies. I'm looking at a supply voltage of around 90 volts. I want between 20,000 and 30,000 uf but would be willing and probably able to fit multiple caps of 5,000 or larger. Thanks for any help,

For a frame of reference I recently bought some Mallory computer grade electrolytics from Mouser, they are 75 VDC 37000 MFD and are about 145 mm tall and 75 mm in diameter. Pretty big! So I don't know, but these definitely take up a lot of space and the size and shape makes it pretty hard to fit them in a small chassis.
lots of smal caps a couple big ones

75 volts should be plenty and give me room to expand in the future. I found some 75v 3100 uF Mallroy caps at C&H (surplus sales) for $2.50(they have others too) seems I have just enough room for 6/rail. Or 5 of another kind, or 2 of a third all giving capacitance values between 18,000 and 19,000. Any advice on what is better a lot of smaller caps or a few large caps.