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Power Supply Capacitor- Snap In for Stand Alone or BrianGT PSU Boards

Here is what I have narrowed the choices down too.

Panasonic- immediate availablility of 200 plus units
39,000uF @50VDC 85Deg. 40x80 $13 each CAD plus shipping.

Cornell Dubillier - 90 Days Deliver Custom Order
39,000uF @50VDC 85Deg. 40x80 $18 each CAD plus shipping

To go ahead I would need orders for at least 200 peices, at 6 per kit that would be enough for 33 kits.

I myself would prefer the Panasonic Caps, even though the CDE are arguably a better cap, the convenience of the local supplier is a big plus. As this purposed GB would be run from Canada all Canadian taxes have been included in the price and would be applicable wherever they would be shipped to... Sorry..

In CAD dollars the savings for 6 Caps would be $51.12, Shipping would be extra whether through a GB or direct from Vendor.

If there is enough interest, I could ask Brian to help with an order page.


gengis said:

Why don't you try United Chemicon from Richardson Electronics, $9.81 each, 50V, 39000uF, 105 degree C.



or search within catalog of: www.rell.com if the link does not work.

I will look at it, but that would be in $US, so that would be $14.66 CAD after exchange and taxes, plus a hefty shipping fee to Canada. This would make it $2 to $3 more CAD than the panasonic.