Power supply build


2016-01-31 4:50 pm
Hi everyone, I'm new here and fairly new to diy. I did build two electret condenser microphones that were super easy. If I remember, they had one resistor, and maybe a couple capacitors. They are powered by a separate box with a 9v battery. I've never worked with pcb boards or even bread boards for that matter. I have gotten the bug again, but I am attempting something a lot harder this time, so it will be a slow process at first. I'm attempting to build a stereo optical compressor, based on the schematic for the weak joe compressor. I'm going to start with what seems to be the easier section.. The power supply. I've been doing some reading on transformers, and those things are amazing. Anyway, I have read that the magnetic field of a power transformer can interfere with audio transformers if they are too close to each other. I realize that the compressor I have chosen to build does not contain any audio transformers ( I think anyway). So my questions are.. When building equipment that contains audio transformers, is it better to have the power supply separate from the unit? If so, in equipment without audio transformers, does it matter?

Thanks for your help.