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Power supply boards for Class A and other amps


2007-06-07 8:30 pm
I got these power supply boards made for my M2 amplifier using PCBway but as you know there is a minimum quantity order, so I ended up paying way more than I would like to admit. I have some boards that I don't need that I am selling to recover costs.

I am asking $20 for each plus shipping.Sold out

They are designed to fit the cases available from the diyaudio store without having to vertically mount the transformer. They fit the holes on the bottom panel as well. They also have AC Live & Neutral lines passthrough for easy transformer connection. They are of course inspired by Nelson Pass's generic power supply design.

If you are interested please send me a private message with your address and paypal email so I can send you a full quote.



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2007-06-07 8:30 pm
They are still available.

Here they are in action on my M2 clone amplifier, so they are working absolutely fine.

If there isn't much interest here I will put them for sale on ebay in a week's time.


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