Power resistors


Has anyone here ever used these power resistors from Caddock Electronics? They are metal film resistors, but also seem cheap for the power. They would be more versitile for different power sizes depending on heat sink size and boad space.
I was thinking of dropping some in the latest amp I'm making. Does anyone have any thoughts on the notion of using the MP915 (TO-126) as source/emitter resistors for a power output stage? A heatsink would probably not be needed here. Maybe a little pricey for that purpose, but they would look kool.:cool:
I really like the Caddock power resistors, too. I have used a lot of the TO-220 MP930 series, mainly the 10, 50, and 100 Ohm models, as current-limiting resistors in my multi-frequency curve tracer product.

The TO-126 and TO-220 case sizes, with their relatively close lead-spacing, seem like they should also contribute to them having the lowest-possible inductance. And they definitely made my board layout better.

I usually buy them through mouser.com, in qty 10 or more. Does anyone happen to know of a significantly-cheaper source?
Thanks for the feedback guys, I plan to use the MP915's as output source resistors. I had to create the part profile in Eagle, but that wasn't too difficult. Your right, they do make the layout better.:)

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I believe Nordic is referring to the Caddock resistors. I plan to get them from Mouser along with the other stuff. Your right, they aren't cheap at a few bones each for the values I need in MP915 style (TO-126). I guess if I'm going to use 3 THAT 340 arrays at over 7 :$: each in the circuit, 4 of these resistors isn't too bad relatively.:rolleyes: I don't intend to build the cheapest amp possible anyway.... Still they're a small expense compared to the rest of the hardware (power supply, case, heat sinks, ect.)